Thursday, March 17, 2011

google introduces social networking in google docs

google is again trying to enter into the social arena.with orkut a huge failure,mainly because of neglect in india,and wave a failure(because google failed to connect with the end user),the search giant is in deliberate need of "something" to counter the growth of facebook;and apparently they have decided "google doc" to be their main weapon in this.
the attached videos will help to demonstrate these could comment into the document via email even.this looks good in the video but i have my doubts-
1.this will need high speed connection for proper use which is highly deficient in india.3G is too costly to be used in google docs.
2.its good when you want to share some work within a closed group by inviting(sharing) the document.but no body outside your contact list could be invited.
now when i am posting a status update in facebook,other people can also see this and might join in the conversation.this way we meet with strangers also.this will not be possible in this avatar of google doc(though i guess its good for security conscious individuals but it'll prevent larger acceptance of the service-the reason for which wave is discontinued;even though its a superior product).
3.could not be used from mobile with ease.this will prevent its spread at least in india. here people have more mobile(thus more facebook access) than computers.its another downpoint

but its just a start,may be late but a start reminds me the proverb--"better late than never".my best wishes for google