Wednesday, March 16, 2011

twitter finally provides "always https" option

Finally the famous micro-blogging site "twitter" is also providing the option of "always https" after google,hotmail and facebook(in that order).To my best knowledge yahoo does not provide such option but the log-in page for yahoo based services is secured.Thats all actually mattered.Its advisable to activate the "always https" option on because otherwise you will be prone for hacking while using wireless connections(mostly);and in this era of terrorism,i am sure nobody will want to be caught in the wrong side of the law just because he does not know how to activate this option.
To activate it in twitter,just go to the Settings>Account option-->under Accounts tab the last option is "always use https",just below the "Protect my tweets" default its unchecked(as shown in the attached screenshot).just check it and click the "save" option.That's all you need to do to post tweets securely.
If you want to know how to search securely from the omnibar in chromium browser,here is a guideline.