Tuesday, March 15, 2011

webkit based UI for blogger going to be announced at SXSW

In the year 2005 i bought a nokia6670 and started using internet in earnest;before that i used to surf once in a month(or sometimes in a wk).I remember the first thing i've done was creating a blog in geocities;unfortunately yahoo closed this service.Anyway after that i created few other blogs in other blog hosting platform but there was always something lacking.in the year 2009 i finally opened an account in "blogger".Frankly speaking i was disappointed with the service;but then i always expect gr8 things from google.Anyway they made huge changes in 2010  (introduced template designer, real-time stats, comment spam filtering, mobile templates, web fonts .) and my search for other blog hosting service finallly stopped.

Now they are going to introduce further changes in 2011 particularly in the UI department(going to be announced at SXSW).According to google,

The new design is not only cleaner and more modern, but it also uses Google Web Toolkit, delivering the latest in web technology.

Few screenshots comparing the present and future UI of blooger is shown below

Current post editor

New post editor


Current dashboard


New dashboard