Monday, March 14, 2011

blue throat barbet and mangalajodi birds-learned few thing about them

today the day started with learning about the blue throat barbet.its scientific name is megalaima asiatica.the main inhabitat of this bird is around kolkata,west bengal, is identified by its characteristic whisker around its beak.i was not able to see the whisker at first--which proves "what mind does not know,eyes can't see".its better visible in the wikipedia page-first image.
any way thanks "meso" for teaching me.
after this learning,meso sent me a link of his album for mangalajodi birds.2 images are attached below.i liked the last one best.about the first one--i always thought chilika as a clear and huge lake,but this image break that illusion of mine.anyway when i commented this,his reply was very fast and sharp-
"jato kom jaay loke tato ora bhalo thakbe :-) 'Normal' lokera oi sajano-gojano Chilika Lake e gelei bhalo..... :-)"
that's true,we are poaching into their territory and mother nature is getting her revenge by sending newer and deadlier diseases to us.we should learn to respect nature,otherwise its very bad news for our future generation.