Sunday, March 13, 2011

how to read anadabazarpatrika(dynamic fonts,indic scripts) with chromium in ubuntu

in today's world,most of the people use 'unicode' for writing in their vernaculars.for some unknown reasons,few sites still use proprietary of them in anadabazar patrika,the largest selling bengali news paper.the result is devastating to say the least 

the site has some guidelines for windows users(though even for windows users there is a problem.the file they need to download is termed as a virus by their anti-virus program) but nothing for linux(ubuntu in my case) users and nothing at all for chromium users.
anyway,as the proverb goes-when there is a will there is definitely a is in this case also.
i am using chromium 11.0.696.3 (77593) Ubuntu 10.04.
all you will need is an extension for chrome named "padma".this single extension converts almost all proprietary indic script  into unicode,so that your browser could show them easily.the extension is available here.just install it and visit anandabazar patrika's website.its quite legible now.
after installing padma,the above page appears like this
thanks xji for porting this app to chromium.

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