Monday, March 28, 2011

redhat reached a bllion dollar milestone

Redhat is a father figure as far as open-source community is concerned.It is the first company which took the challenge of proprietary os and showed the world that open-source os could also be revenue generating.For a long time fedora is its only distro,but then it decided to fork for enterprise users.Fedora was free and still free to use but for RHEL,you need to pay for back-end services.In fact this is so popular that few other distro creators decided to launch their own RHEL clone.Facing this kind of below the belt attack,redhat finally decided to obfuscate the details.That step created quite a bit attack because this goes against the basic principle of open-source community.
Now it became the first open-source community to raise billion dollar for the next financial year.CEO and president of redhat,jim whitehurst said
"With record bookings and billings in the fourth quarter, we are on a run rate to become the first pure-play open source company to achieve a billion dollars in revenues next fiscal year, a milestone achievement for Red Hat and the open source community,"