Saturday, June 18, 2011

Financisto-personal finance manager for android

Financisto is an open-source personal finance manager for android users.This is made by Denis Solonenko.It has the following features:
  • Multiple accounts with multiple currencies
  • Scheduled and recurring transactions
  • Transfers with downloadable currency rates
  • Location based transactions
  • Hierarchial categories with custom attributes
  • Projects to organize transactions
  • Recurring budgets based on categories and projects
  • Advanced reporting and filtering
Version 1.4.8 comes with the fix for google doc back-up problem.
To download the .apk file,click here.It could also be found in android market but the version(1.4.3) in the market is a bit older.To download the latest version in future,please visit this launchpad page.
To use it productively,please check this tutorial by the developer-Financisto tutorial ‘Basic functionality'.Its very well written.