Saturday, June 4, 2011

my first geotweet with twimgo

Today downloaded an application from ovi store-twimgo.
Its a tweeter application.The main function of this app is to view the timeline,mentions and post tweeter-just like other tweeter application.
What i like most in the application is--
1.the timeline in landscape mode is divided into 3x2 grid-looks great
2.ability to select the location while posting a tweet--this is really a distinguishing feature.There are few applications available which allowed to post GPS location with tweets but in them the feature has to be selected in settings.So its not possible to post a few geotweet-either all tweets are geotweet or else you have to change the settings for each tweet;but in this app you could select GPS location while posting the tweet.very helpful.

The screenshot shows what i am saying
Used this application to post my first geotweet-available here(screenshot below)