Friday, March 1, 2013

google released zopfli, for a faster web

+Google unleashed a new data compression algorithm called zopfli. Apparently this is a swiss bread recipe which looks something like this
image is taken from google search result

This is compatible with the normal decompression mechanisms already present in web browsers but  uses a much slower compression algorithm (almost 100 times slower). The output generated by this open-source algorithm though is 3–8% smaller compared to zlib at maximum compression.

Google ended the announcement with
Due to the amount of CPU time required — 2 to 3 orders of magnitude more than zlib at maximum quality — Zopfli is best suited for applications where data is compressed once and sent over a network many times, for example, static content for the web. By open sourcing Zopfli, thus allowing webmasters to better optimize the size of frequently accessed static content, we hope to make the Internet a bit faster for all of us.
More information could be found here.