Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta And Yahoo! Mail Beta

People who have surfed the internet in the late 90’s (the time when the internet came to India) have a fond memory of a name that has introduced them to Mail and Messenger services with a user friendly interface. Now, in 2010, they have come out with their 11th edition of the Messenger and have also upgraded their Mail services, termed as Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta and Yahoo! Mail Beta respectively.

Let’s check out what the new updated services have to offer.

Social games you can play

Yahoo! Messenger has added another “Instant” (the previous ones being instant messages/text/video or voice call) to their repertoire and that’s instant gaming. Those addicted to games on Social Networking sites like Facebook have heard of Zynga, Elex and OMGPOP. You also get to share games with your friends and in turn can share their games.

A whole new avatar!

If managing multiple social networking accounts looks more like untangling a mile long wire winded around you, then Yahoo! Messenger has a solution where you can manage all your accounts from one place. Post the same status updates across Yahoo! Pulse, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter and yes, you can chat with your Facebook friends with right within the IM itself. You can also stay connected by chatting seamlessly over multiple devices, which means if you start off with a PC to PC conversation you can continue chatting while on the move through your cell phone or any other internet-enabled device.

Moving to Yahoo! Mail beta which has been re-designed from scratch now provides faster means of communication and tools, and also allows downloading of third party software directly from the inbox. Staying connected with networking sites is easier now thanks to the updates you can receive from Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also message or text from within the mail system itself. Yahoo! Has been well known for its reliability for providing safe mailing experience and protection from spam. You can now browse through photos and videos from sites like Picasa, Flickr and YouTube. Last but not the least, the search engine within the mail has been re-vamped, so now searching for old mails won’t be a problem.

To check out the new features head over here for Yahoo! Mail beta and here for Yahoo! Messenger, and in case you like the look and feel of the old interface, you can also easily revert back.