Wednesday, April 6, 2011

chromium now warns against drive-by downloads

Disclaimer:this service is available mainly for windows user.Linux and BSD users will not get much benefit from this.
In todays world its almost impossible to live without internet;and like all good things,internet also contains some bad things.Internet itself is not bad;everything depends on how we,the users,are using it.There are lots of websites which contains drive-by downloads(these are things which are getting installed in your computer simply because you visited some malicious site).
Google maintains a list of such websites and published them under Safe Browsing API.Google search,chromium,safari and firefox are some services which utilise this to warn users when they tried to visit these sites.
Now chromium is planning to use it to warn users against malicious downloads as well.This will help particularly against those sites which promise something and then behave entirely differently.
For now its available in the development branch of chromium.Google did not say anything about its actual availability in the stable branch of chrome.From the post--
Today we’re pleased to announce a new feature that aims to protect users against these kinds of downloads, starting with malicious Windows executables. The new feature will be integrated with Google Chrome and will display a warning if a user attempts to download a suspected malicious executable file:

Download warning

This warning will be displayed for any download URL that matches the latest list of malicious websites published by the Safe Browsing API. The new feature follows the same privacy policy currently in use by the Safe Browsing feature. For example, this feature does not enable Google to determine the URLs you are visiting.
So,internet is getting little bit more safer for windows users!!!!!!!!