Wednesday, April 20, 2011

google map maker and IIT Mumbai

Before Google Map Maker—a product that enables people to add to and update the map for locations around the world—only 15 percent of the world’s population had detailed online maps of their neighborhoods. Using Map Maker, people have built out and edited the maps for 183 countries and regions around the world, and now, due to the contributions of citizen cartographers, 30 percent of people have detailed online maps of the places they live.Now they made it available for USA users.
Though my interest is not due to its availability in USA.It is due to the mentioning of "IIT BOMBAY" specifically in the blog post,praising the students for their effort.Its really good to see the name of indian institutes in google blogs.
Hopefully though MNS will not see it;otherwise they may try to ban google products for using the name "bombay" in the blog post.This politicians could be so illogical and irresponsible sometimes!!!!!!!!
The post could be found here.