Wednesday, May 4, 2011

inhuman working condition in china

Due to china's formidable censor system very little news could come out to the civilised world;but what little news do,is usually sufficient to give us a glimpse of the working condition of china.Few months back,one of the chinese company was in the highlight due to excessive incidences of suicide amongst its users.The name is "foxconn",the company which built apple's products.
After those news,foxconn was criticised heavily.So they took steps to prevent it.According to this article in ET,instead of improving working condition foxconn forced its users to sign 'no-suicide' bond.If an worker now commits suicide,his/her family will get very little compensation,practically nothing.
In short they are more worried about the compensation being paid than the actual cause of suicide.To be so worried,the amount of suicide must be quite higher than the amount reported to the civilised world.
This is an example of communism at its worst.It must be condemned.