Saturday, June 11, 2011

google guiter doodle-part II

Google produced an electric guiter doodle in the memory of Les Paul.Posted about it here.My conclusion at the end of that post was that the doodle was deaf and dumb for me because of my location.After the posting,my friends contradicted me,particularly rwik and mriganka.
So i decided to try it again.Thankfully,google decided to make this doodle permanent.Otherwise it might not have been possible for me to try second time.
The permanent electric guiter doodle could be found here.
After making the decision,it was time to find out the conflicting add-ons,plug-ins.I made a short-cut here.Opened the chromium browser and went to private browsing mode.In the private browsing mode,all add-ons are automatically deactivated.

Went to the permanent page of the doodle and the doodle started making sound.Was very happy then.Recorded a tune.
Now unlike rwik,i have no artistic capability.So if you dislike it,that's natural.But if you don't dislike it,please share it!!!!!!!!!!!!
The tune could be heard here-
While playing the tune i noticed that google converted from "https" to "http".
But even now,i could not play it with firefox 5 beta.will need further evaluation.Thanks friends for pushing me to check this again.
Please check the tune.Will love to hear your opinion about it;just don't criticise much.