Tuesday, July 12, 2011

how to install QR tools in ubuntu lucid

Python-qrtools is a QR Codes generation and decoding library and QtQR is a GUI for python-qrtools made with PyQt4.Posted about the initial source-code release here-sourcecode for python-qrtools and QtQr released.After that post,quite a few developments took place in this project.Firstly,they released a ppa for ubuntu users.For lucid users,the project page says
IMPORTANT!: Please notice that if you're using Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, python-zbar is not in the repos; you need to add this other PPA to your system in order to be able to install QtQR: https://launchpad.net/~marcusls/+archive/lucid
To install QtQR,.deb file could be downloaded from here. The link to the project page could be found in the previous post.
The project is in need of translators;so if anybody could help,please consider to help.
Edit1:Ok,when i wrote this post on sunday,i was not able to download the python-zbar and could not test the application.Now that i tested it,need to make few corrections.
  1. there is no ppa for QTQR.the ppa is for python-zbar dependency.
  2. python-qrtools will also be needed.the latest file at the time of writing this post could be downloaded from here
Edit2:one code created using this software is added below

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