Wednesday, August 24, 2011

facebook simplified privacy options

Facebook is a very popular social network service.Though hugely popular,it has a very careless attitude towards the privacy of its users.One such feature,as mentioned here,is the ability to tag people automatically.
Finally they notice the complain of its users and simplified the privacy options.These feature will be available from 25th august.
Among the latest changes:
- Instead of going to a separate settings page, privacy controls will be on users' profile pages, next to the information they share, such as the music they like or the schools they went to. Previously, most these controls were located several clicks away on an "account settings" page.
- Instead of calling public posts visible to "everyone," Facebook will now simply call these "public."
- Facebook is also making a feature called "view profile as" more prominent. This lets you type in the name of another Facebook user and see how your profile looks to that person. For example, if you hide your photos and favorite music from some of your Facebook friends, this content won't show up if you view your profile as one of them.
- In a nod to Google Plus, the online search leader's fledgling social network, Facebook is making it easier to share posts with specific groups of people. A dropdown menu next to each post you make will let you select "public," "friends" or a "custom" audience. Over time, Facebook said this menu will expand to include smaller groups of people.
- You will now be able to tag anyone on Facebook, even if you are not friends with them. They will have to approve your request to tag, though, before the photo or post shows up on their profile.
This last feature is very dangerous indeed.