Wednesday, November 2, 2011

google reader letdown

Few days back,google announced that they would remove buzz and change the reader service;all in the name of the better integration with google plus.
Though personally I believe that "if its not broken,don't fix it",but because the company is google,expected something better from it.
Should have known better.
After the change,that's how my google reader page appears
Yeah that's right-no news items at all.Most probably it is so because of the slow net connection;but previous google reader always worked fine with this same connection.
I could never understand why is it necessary for google to make changes which require high net speed???????Everybody could not afford high speed net connection,particularly in india.
With orkut,they have done the same thing and lost the battle to facebook.Repeating the same mistake with plus and now reader!!!!!!!!
Anyway after loading the page,the biggest shock was the removal of share button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Previously,just the click of "shift+s" was needed to share the news feed;and now!!!!!!!!!!
You have to "+1" the news (even if you don't like it);then hover over it to make the share box to appear;type your comment and press the share button to share.
What i dislike about the change---
  1. the necessity of +1 the news item for sharing it;previously it was possible to share it without liking it.
  2. introduction of +1 button which takes time to appear in a slow net connection;not sure but it might be because +1 button is iframe based 
  3. instead of 1-click share,changing it to at least 3 click share
  4. after clicking on the +1 button,the 'n' key (for going to the next news item) is not working-at least not for have to click on one more item and only then 'n' will work again.though scrolling is working but removal of keyboard shortcut like that is definitely a regression.
Apparently i am not alone-a nice post on google plus.
Now just wishing that these changes will be reverted back in future.The look of the new page is good but there is no point for removing function from the reader just to make it look good.