Wednesday, April 27, 2011

chromium users now can remove 'flash cookies' locally

A long waiting feature is finally available with the latest dev-channel release of chromium and google chrome.Ability to delete Adobe Flash Player Local Shared Objects(LSO) or so called 'flash cookies' locally,no need to access the online settings application on Adobe’s website anymore.
This is because adobe now implements NPAPI ClearSiteData API.If other plug-in developers implement this as well,then this will be applicable to those plug-ins as well.
To delete LSO,go to Wrench > Tools > Clear browsing data and select “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data.”
The chromium://settings/clearBrowserData dialog.

“Plug-in data” here refers to client-side data stored by plug-ins that obey the NPAPI ClearSiteData API, such as Flash Player 10.3.Chrome’s content settings could also be configured to clear plug-in data automatically while exiting the browser.
The chrome://settings/content dialog