Monday, April 11, 2011

how to add quicklist for opera in unity

Opera is the browser which gave me the first taste of Internet.Used it for a long time.For quite sometime,it was my only was probably the only closed-source application which i continued to use even after embracing Linux.Though at present because of opera's reluctance to support Unicode,not using it.It is not able to render complex script at all;but it still has a soft corner in my heart for itself.
By default,you do not have quicklist option for opera in unity.Though adding is a very simple procedure.The procedure for ubuntu 11.04 is as follows--
1. Open Nautilus as root (ALT+F2 > ‘gksu nautilus’) and navigate to: -
and open the ‘opera-browser.desktop’ file in ‘gedit/text editor’.
2. Once open, scroll to the bottom of the file and paste in the the following text:
[NewTab Shortcut Group]
Name=New Tab
Exec=opera -newtab
[NewPrivateTab Shortcut Group]
Name=New Private Tab
Exec=opera -newprivatetab
[NewWindow Shortcut Group]
Name=New Window
Exec=opera -newwindow
[Mail Shortcut Group]
Exec=opera -mail
3. Finally hit save and close Gedit/text editor.
Ok,finished.Drag and drop the opera icon from the application lens to the launcher.Right click on the icon and the quicklist will open.
To remove the quicklist option,delete the above mentioned line from the edited file.
To download opera,you need to go