Monday, May 9, 2011

Sony Ericsson posted official guideline for hacking android phones

This is amazing.Sony ericsson just published a detail guideline in their developer site to hack their android devices.With this hack,one could install custom built kernel in their devices.Its a great step.My best wishes for them.
Building the kernel
It takes a few main steps to build the kernel. Below we’ll show you how to build a Linux kernel and flash it onto the device.
Step A – Download the necessary software
Download the following software to get started:
  • The kernel source code can be downloaded from the copyleft archives on Sony Ericsson Developer World. You can use the file called 3.0.A.2.181_182.tar.bz2 for our Android™ Gingerbread devices. This is the source code for the Linux kernel as used in the Xperia™ PLAY.
  • The Fastboot client which is part of the Android SDK. This is the standard Android flashing utility. This allows you to flash the image you are about to create onto the device.
  • The Init RAM disk. The initial RAM disk (also known as the initrd) is the initial filesystem that the kernel will mount and start running processes off. You can configure the Init RAM disk to grant root access. How you create or download your own Init RAM disk is beyond the scope of this article.
  • The ARM cross-compiler. A cross-compiler is used to build ARM binaries on a different architecture, such as x86. This allows you to compile software (such as the kernel) into a format that the device can run. We recommend getting the CodeSourcery Lite compiler, especially the GNU/Linux variant, as you’ll need that if you want to build binaries for a full-blown Linux system on the device later. However, any EABI ARM compiler capable of compiling the Linux kernel should be enough for this step.
The orginal article could be found here.
A caution:this hack will void your warranty,so be careful