Monday, May 9, 2011

linux kernel having in-built GPU accleration

Most underused component of our PC specs is probably the most costly item.I am talking about is a powerful, highly parallelled processor that is optimized for dealing with streams of data. This also makes it highly useful for accelerating procedures such as encryption.Unfortunately it is left under-utilised most of the  time.Now-a-days some of the application are trying to tap its potential for giving its users a better experience,e.g,chromium,firefox.
The University of Utah's "KGPU" project modifies the normal Linux kernel by adding support for accelerating some code using NVIDIA CUDA, which is NVIDIA's own GPU-acceleration solution. Included is an implementation of the AES (encryption) cypher for use in encrypted filesystems. It has managed to "reach a factor of 3x ~ 4x improvement over an optimized CPU implementation (using a GTX 480 GPU)."
The project could be found here;for the source-code you need to go the git(details given in the link).Great days ahead.