Friday, September 21, 2012

the popular diwali image of india actually a hoax

While going through the facebook posts of my friends, found this share of Dr Parthasarathi. On first look, this was a great picture.
But could not understand the reason for whole of the china being in the dark.
After a little search, these two articles were found- one from IBN and the other from BI. From these two articles, it's clear that the "The photo is an overlay of shots highlighting India's burgeoning population over several years. The white lights were the only illumination visible before 1992. The blue lights appeared in 1992. The green lights in 1998. And the red lights appeared in 2003."Or in other words, this is the super-imposed picture of multiple images of india to highlight the importance of population growth. It has nothing to do with any festivals.
Original images could be found here-

That is one more thing. I am not sure how could google plus claim the copyright over this! After all the original images are hosted at NOAA.
Internet is a very useful tool in proper hands; but unfortunately it could also be used as a tool for spreading false information or hoax. Its the duty of the sharer to ensure that what he/she is sharing is correct and not a mere hoax.
After all if a lie could be told repeatedly and loudly, it becomes truth. We should take every precaution to prevent us from this trap. Hopefully my friend will understand this and in future  will take precaution in sharing.